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[17 September 2013]

Two positions for PhD students are available in the laboratory of Prof. Nica Borgese at the CNR Institute of Neuroscience in Milan, to carry out research on tail-anchored membrane protein biogenesis within the EU-funded Marie Curie TAMPting Network (see and for details. Candidates must have completed their undergraduate or master’s degree no more than four years before the date of application and must have spent no more than 12 months during the past three years of their professional life in Italy.

Tail-anchored proteins constitute an important class of membrane polypeptides that includes, among others, key players in vesicular traffic and in the regulation of apoptosis. Because of their particular topology, tail-anchored proteins have unique post-translational mechanisms of targeting and insertion into the bilayer, which have only recently begun to be unravelled (for a review, see Borgese and Fasana, BBA 1808:937, 2011). The selected PhD students will be involved in projects addressing currently poorly understood aspects of tail-anchored protein biogenesis, i.e., how they discriminate between the Outer Mitochondrial and the Endoplasmic Reticulum membrane, as well as the mechanism of translocation of the C-terminal polar domain across the phospholipid bilayer. The latter project aims also to lay the basis for the utilization of tail-anchored protein-based liposomes as novel vehicles for drug delivery. Execution of both projects will involve mastering a variety of biochemical, molecular and imaging techniques.

Research experience in the lab of the principal investigator will be complemented by secondments in academic and industry labs of the network, giving the students ample opportunity for interdisciplinary training.

Interested candidates should submit the following documents to Nica Borgese at
Degree Transcript
List of publications (if any)
Name and contact of two referees
Cover letter detailing motivation for postgraduate study