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Personal Data

Name: Nica
Surname: Borgese
Citizenship: Italian/American

Contact: via Vanvitelli 32
20129 Milan

+39 02 5031 6971
+39 02 7490574


Research Interests


Scientific career

1972 Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Rockefeller University, New York
1972–1988 Researcher of the CNR, Center for Cellular Pharmacology, Milan
1985 Visiting Scientist, Dept Anatomy and Cellular Biology, Harvard Medical School
1988–1994 Associate Professor in General Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Milan
1994–present Full Professor in Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Catanzaro "Magna Graecia" and Group Leader, CNR Institute of Neuroscience, Milan
2006 Visiting Scientist, Dept Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA



Animal Biology and Genetics: University of Catanzaro "Magna Graecia"; course for undergraduate students in Pharmacy.
Cell Biology of secretion: University of Milan; course for undergraduate students in Medical Biotechnology.


Administrative duties

2003–2011 Chairman, Dept of Pharmacobiological Science, University of Catanzaro "Magna Graecia"


Awards & Honours

2011–present EMBO member



Brief selection of additional items from complete CV.

1986–2002 Member, Editorial Board of Subcellular Biochemistry
1998–2000 Member, International Affairs Committee of the American Society for Cell Biology
2003 Invited Speaker, Membrane Group Colloquium, 679th Biochemical Society Meeting, University of Essex, UK
2007 Organiser, Minisymposium on the ER, ELSO Conference, Dresden, Germany
2008 Invited Speaker, EMBO conference "Control, Co-ordination and Regulation of Protein Targeting and Translocation", St Maxime, France
2008 Invited Speaker, The 2008 Golgi Meeting, Pavia, Italy
2009–2012 Member, Scientific Committee of Telethon Foundation, Italy
2010 Invited Speaker, EMBO meeting "Towards a comprehensive understanding of endoplasmic reticulum functions", Girona, Spain
2011 Organiser, EMBO conference "Protein Transport Systems", S. Margherita di Pula, Italy
2011 Invited Speaker, EMBO conference "Protein Transport Systems", S. Margherita di Pula, Italy



Nica Borgese